A special home in the Time before Now.
The Hoyt-Burwell-Morse house was built around 1731 at the top of Ferris Hill Road where it meets Canoe Hill Road. It’s a significant icon of the History of Canaan Parish, and recognized as a historic site by the Connecticut Register of Historic Places.

The famous names of most of the founding families of Canaan Parish all had relatives who lived in the house during the time before the American Revolution. Hoyt, Benedict, Carter, are all street names in New Canaan today, Abner Hoyt may have been the first occupant. Hannah Carter and her husband, Jonathan Burwell, purchased the house in 1749 and lived there before Ezra Hoyt and his wife, Phoebe Benedict, lived in the house. Ezra and Phoebe were there 1n 1772, when Rev. William Drummond made the ‘visitation’ census of Canaan Parish homes and families.

8 Ferris Associates is a group of persons who are dedicated to preserving some historic sites in and near New Canaan. They have banded together to restore 8 Ferris Hill, which is listed on the State Register of Historic Properties, and has been on this  corner since 1731.

Who Helped It To Happen?

The CT Trust for Historic Preservation

The New Canaan Preservation Alliance

The New Canaan Historical Society

The New Canaan Land Trust

New Canaan Landmarks

The 8 Ferris Hill Associates