About Tom Nissey

Tom Nissley has been marketing handsome homes in New Canaan and nearby towns since 2001. In earlier careers he was a minister at the famous First Presbyterian “FISH Church” in Stamford,  and a psychotherapist, presiding over the Ridgelea Institute in North Stamford. Both are important in a real estate career because the church is one of the most impressive modern buildings in the area, and Ridgelea was an exceptional traditional home with fine gardens and specimen plantings. The nuts and bolts of what makes a property more than just a house on the corner.

Tom Nissley began his Realtor work in New Canaan in a link with the Historical Society’s Tours of Mid-Century Modern Homes, and was part of the team that saved and restored the Gores Pavillion, in Irwin Park. Along with the moderns, he stayed interested in New Canaan’s early history and the houses that document it, and in 2015 took a major role in saving the Hoyt-Burwell-Morse house on Ferris Hill from destruction. That distinguished house was saved and is now available. It is truly an iconic house, full of stories of its first inhabitants, way before the American Revolution.

So hey – whether you want to check out the 1731 Hoyt-Burwell-Morse house or are looking for a sparkling piece of new construction, call me today. 203-322-1400 Tom Nissley

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